Lamine Gueye’s system „La Vitamine“


„In dance I have always had the approach of a rebel, for I was continuously asking myself many questions. This approach, however, helped me to explore dance in its different forms and facets. I followed the advice of my dance teachers and I was convinced about its usefulness. Yet at the same time I was not absolutely sure that only the classical approach to dance could lead to the top of the mountain.

I knew I wasn’t mistaken in my discoveries when I started to progress rapidly and managed to do movements that seem to be almost impossible for Africans. That‘s when I realized that everything is hidden in ourselves, in our abilities. I believed I was on the right path, which gave me the courage to continue in my creative work.

Over the next couple of years of hard work, I started to share my knowledge with others. Through my system I seek to support and encourage those students who want to discover their qualities on various levels of dance, but may not have gone through the standard dance education. I am trying to show my students another way of achieving comparable results.“

La Vitamine system:

The right body image. Proper alignment according to our own body. Breath and its freedom. Warm rhythm that reminds Africa. Along with the wish to accomplish the movement correctly, to fulfill emptiness and empty fullness. These are the key factors in Gueye's system.

It is encouraging motivation, enthusiasm, right measure and fairness. And Lamine's system wants even more, its freedom and discipline should go hand in hand. And without forgetting clarity, that is opening the door towards self-evaluation and progress. Discovery should be like guidance. No matter what movement we do it is the first step to self-satisfaction in discovering our possibilities, abilities and something of what is hidden in ourselves. We may also see it as an organic gesture that can heal.

Gueye's system does not have a common demand for all students, as Lamine's way is to try to help individually. To help you to feel good in your own body. Which is the first step towards body happiness that would turn to a body concert.

PHOTO: Lamine Gueye (archiv)

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