Lamine Gueye's System


Lamine Gueye’s system „La Vitamine“


„In dance I have always had the approach of a rebel, for I was continuously asking myself many questions. This approach, however, helped me to explore dance in its different forms and facets. I followed the advice of my dance teachers and I was convinced about its usefulness. Yet at the same time I was not absolutely sure that only the classical approach to dance could lead to the top of the mountain.

I knew I wasn’t mistaken in my discoveries when I started to progress rapidly and managed to do movements that seem to be almost impossible for Africans. That‘s when I realized that everything is hidden in ourselves, in our abilities. I believed I was on the right path, which gave me the courage to continue in my creative work.

Over the next couple of years of hard work, I started to share my knowledge with others. Through my system I seek to support and encourage those students who want to discover their qualities on various levels of dance, but may not have gone through the standard dance education. I am trying to show my students another way of achieving comparable results.“

Lamine Gueye o svém systému "La Vitamine"

La Vitamine system:

Lamine Gueye’s system „La Vitamine“

The right body image. Proper alignment according to our own body. Breath and its freedom. Warm rhythm that reminds Africa. Along with the wish to accomplish the movement correctly, to fulfill emptiness and empty fullness. These are the key factors in Gueye's system.

Gueye's system does not have a common demand for all students, as Lamine's way is to try to help individually. To help you to feel good in your own body. Which is the first step towards body happiness that would turn to a body concert.


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Although Lamine Gueye has extensive knowledge of various dance techniques, he is trying to go even further towards the basic principles behind these techniques.

Typically, the class begins with slow and simple movements, for these will help you to become fully aware of your whole body and its proper posture. Breathing represents the basic movement. It can open as well as close each part of the body. As a result all movements gradually become very natural and you don‘t even realize how the class gains its tempo and dynamics. That is how everyone can find his own most natural way towards the movement. At the same time Lamine Gueye is trying to show his students how to achieve the maximum quality of the movement, in which all of its complexity uncovers. And in this way its correct form is reached. Classes with Lamine are influenced by his African roots and use spontaneity and playful energy that we all have inside us.

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Lamine Gueye was born in Dakar (Senegal), where he absorbed his cultural inheritance of West-African dances and rhythms. He was discovered by Pape O.Thiam. The international African drummer Pape O.Thiam worked along with many international dance teachers. For that reason he advised Lamine to get along with serious dance studies.

Serious studies in limon technic, Lamine worked also with international dance teachers and choregraphers around the world.

In Lamine's own words: "First of all I am African; this is my roots. This is where I start and where I end. My inner breath is African, my interior music is African, the bubbles of my explosion are African."

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La Vitamine Système's key project

The Vitamin System aims for the body's stabilization in order to regain its primal energy and questions why, at a certain age, the body no longer responds.

Beauty is not made of conditioned suffering. This program is for everybody, for the professional dancer, the top athlete and the amateur. We all practice a professional activity that, for a huge majority, undeniably leads to stress. Prolonged sitting, strained positions etc. At the end of the day, the "active" person feels both moral and physical tiredness. If this person doesn't find diversity in his occupation, it gradually sinks into a monotony that inevitably leads to stress. Is not stress the source of all physical complications?

Aesthetics is by no means an end, it naturally finds us on the road.

The vitamin offers pure movements that heal, prevent physical wear and complications that could lead to the abandonment of this wonderful activity that has been given us, "The dance". Thanks to this system, you can ensure that you enjoy all your faculties until an advanced age. Intuition, physical practice and concentration are the key elements for a better body approach that would result as surprising.




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